Our Corporate Social Responsibility

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. We’re firm believers in being one community, supporting and taking care of each other.

We currently work with two charities and we are passionate in helping our world to be a better place.

International Tree Foundation

We are undeniably overjoyed to work with The International Tree Foundation (ITF) since early 2020. We incentivized our services to businesses which would include the planting of ten trees on our client’s behalf if they were to switch. Subsequently we even plant three trees just for every quote that we give!



Deforestation is a worldwide issue. The ITF team who are based over in Oxford, are doing an amazing job at tackling it. Overall over 800,000 trees were planted by them just last year!

Since 1922, the International Tree Foundation has been working with local communities across Africa and the UK to conserve forests and plant trees. They restore biodiversity, foster indigenous forestry knowledge, and strengthen sustainable livelihoods.

Local communities are at the centre of all forest restoration, conservation and development efforts we support.

Forests and trees provide vital habitats for the majority of the world’s plant and animal species. Rainforests – just one type of forest – cover less than 2% of the Earth’s total surface area. However they are home to 50% of the Earth’s plants and animals. Deforestation is threatening the habitats of the millions of species that rely on forests to survive.

So who are they?

International Tree Foundation (ITF) is a pioneering environmental organisation. The origins were in Kenya with the creation of Watu wa Miti (People of the Trees) by Dr Richard ‘St. Barbe’ Baker and Chief Josiah Njonjo. St. Barbe was generations ahead of his time in terms of recognising the importance of trees and forests in sustaining life on Earth and he inspired thousands of people across the world to join him in planting and protecting trees. Returning to the UK in 1924 St. Barbe established the society of the Men of the Trees, which subsequently spread to many countries around the world; starting in Palestine in 1929 and another 53 countries by 1959 and as many as 100 at some point according to some reports. Unfortunately a detailed record of the history of the organisation has never been kept and such a research project is long overdue.

Charity Work with

At BMG, we have an obligation and a responsibility to support others where we can. It is our pleasure to help the International Tree Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Support—two incredible charities doing fantastic work for communities and the world.

Our Goal Is To Raise: