Our Story

BMG is a story still being written. The journey so far paints a picture of ambition, growth and relentless desire to be the best. Be part of the journey and help us write the next chapter, together.

Relentless desire

BMG is a financial services company specialising in car loans and aftercare.

We believe that our success lies in our people and our unique culture. We are driven and competitive, attracting individuals who thrive in a dynamic, positive and competitive environment. What sets us apart is our emphasis on fostering a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We value social connections and confidence, recognising that collaboration and encouragement lead to exceptional outcomes. Join our team and experience a workplace where your achievements are celebrated, your talent is nurtured, and your colleagues support your growth. 

Your career is our career.

our values

Dedicated and committed

People are at the heart of our business, and we provide a service to people. We empathise with our customer base, providing unparalleled service. We are committed to this over anything else.


Supporting and nurturing

We provide constant training and feedback; we provide a platform for people to be successful. We encourage hard work, following the process, and the results will come.



We stop at nothing to be the best. Relentless is such a powerful and positive word in our book. Be relentless and achieve amazing things.

Our Story

From humble beginnings

One man and a vision. Like with many businesses, impacted by the COVID pandemic and wondering where to go next. As offices closed, there was a plan to start up a car loans and finance operation that would support people in their hour of need. People came first.

From fruit supply to car finance

Here lies an opportunity. To shake up the car finance world and become the leading broker in the UK. To achieve this lofty ambition, we must first win the hearts and minds of the people and bring on, nurture and develop the best talent in the industry. The Car Purchasing Experts are born.

Earning and learning

Developing the business and growing the headcount, high-basic, top industry commissions and learning from the best in the business became our mantra. Putting people first, and the right people, with a hard-working, positive attitude, in the right places, has ensured our growth in the early years. Growing 67% headcount from 2022-2023.

The next chapter…

Here’s to the next stage of growth. Providing new jobs, career progression, money to be earnt, a great work-lifestyle balance and a blooming organisation.

our Brands

7 leading brands

Developing into all areas of car finance to support people in their everyday lives. We believe we have a solution for all our customers, no matter their credit rating or financial history.

Carloansuk, a prominent car finance company based in the UK, is known for its exceptional services in facilitating automotive financing. With a customer-centric approach, Carloansuk strives to provide tailored and affordable financing solutions for a wide range of clients regardless of credit scores.

Car Finance Broker. Like CarLoansUK, the primary role of Bright Motor Finance  is to help potential car buyers find the most suitable and competitive deals based on their specific financial circumstances and requirements

Momentum Finance directs its focus towards uncovering the finest finance deals for luxury vehicles. With a dedication to excellence, the company is resolute in delivering top-tier financial solutions, ensuring clients’ journeys to owning their dream luxury cars are nothing short of extraordinary. Renowned for its specialised expertise, Momentum Finance elevates the car-buying experience, providing unparalleled commitment to securing the most exceptional financial options for luxury Vehicles.

a prominent vehicle warranties company that takes pride in its commitment to providing exceptional coverage and peace of mind to vehicle owners. With a reputation for excellence, WarrantiesUK offers comprehensive and reliable warranty plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Weekdays is a reputable office fruit and milk delivery company that prides itself on offering a fresh and nutritious solution to workplaces. With a commitment to promoting a healthy and invigorating environment, Weekdays delivers a delightful assortment of seasonal fruits and wholesome milk directly to offices.

The charity arm of our business, BMG Foundation was set up to support people and communities throughout the world. Our 2023 aim is to raise £10,000 for the International Tree Foundation and Macmillan—two incredible causes and both close to our hearts.