Consumer Finance

Consumer Finance

Bright Money Group boasts different brokering loans for a variety of requirements. Not only do we want to provide consumers with automotive finance, but we also want to help customers reach their potential by offering other additional loan services.  

Our Duty to Consumers

These range from short-term loans to guarantor loans. There are many things in life that could go wrong from time to time. And we want our customers to be protected for every eventuality. By providing loans for other services, you can be certain that your financial circumstances will not hinder your chances of achieving your goals. 

Our advisors are trained in the different sectors of the loans industry. This means that you will be guided by team members with a depth of knowledge to ensure you get the best services available.  

How Our Process Works 

Not only does Bright Money Group offer loans for various requirements, but the process for securing these loans has been put into an uncomplicated process. Typically, all you will have to do is to put your contact details into one of our forms and we will get in touch to handle the rest.  

However, because of the differing nature of each loan, some processes may take longer than others. However, our specialist team will guide you throughout the process, outlining anything that may stall the process. Although, our advisors will do all they can to make sure that your request is seen to in a respectable timeframe.

Our Finance Expertise

There are many loans to choose from with Bright Money Group. This comes from our experience with the fintech industry. Our consumer-led research has led us to a point where we can offer these services with confidence to different customers from different financial backgrounds. 

If you have been rejected from other lenders in the past, you could secure a loan with the help of our brokers. This is because we have contact to many different finance lenders that may view your circumstances differently.

Consumer-led Experiences

Not only could our brokers help you find the best deal, but we also host a comparison service that could help you to decide which deal is best for you. You can compare quotes to see what you could be entitled to.  

We believe this helps to enhance the customer experience by keeping our services transparent. Therefore, you will not get surprised at what you could be offered by finance lenders.

How We Could Help You

At Bright Money Group, our services extend from the automotive finance sector to help enhance the consumer experience. Our experts have been analysing the industry so that consumers could have industry-leading services available to them. There are many customers around the country that need loans for varying reasons. 

Some customers need loans to help with their businesses, a vital lifeline for many, no matter its size. We want to ensure that business owners have the funds to keep their businesses running smoothly. So that they just need to worry about the important things when it comes to growing a business.  

The finance sector in the UK is a vast industry and can be daunting when customers want to approach getting a loan. Our advisors could help you to navigate through the distinct types of loans that are available to you.